The People’s Church ~ Decatur, Ga.

I love this time of year!  The house is filled with a sweet home cooked scent with Christmas lights and candles lit.  The Gingerbread House is still a work in progress (maybe it’ll be complete by the New Year).  I hope you all are enjoying this strangely warm 70° weather this lovely Christmas day.  With Bing Crosby playing softly in the background and the kids tinkering with their new toys, I am sneaking on my computer.  Okay, I also maybe wanted an excuse to sip on a second cup of coffee and third popcorn ball (I’m not feeling guilty at all).

The best part about this time of year is the togetherness it brings and what better time to share with you a newly planted church called The People’s Church.  Because The People’s Church is so new they are currently meeting in living rooms.  I attended the second gathering where we mingled, shared brunch and sang songs together.  Pastor Justin Schaeffer and his wife Amy moved to Atlanta from Seattle three years ago to plant a church.  After several years mentoring with one of the most diverse congregations in Atlanta, Justin and Amy have entered the next chapter of their lives.  About two years ago I was introduced to the Schaeffer’s.  When I first met Justin, I noticed a sparkle in his eyes when he spoke about the Lord.  I remember thinking, I want some of that.  I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of respect and admiration for those who trust in the Lord, knowing that they have been called to use their God given talent.  In this case, Justin has been called to plant a church.  If you haven’t been a part of a newly planted church, I recommend you visit.  Or, if you are looking for a church check out The People’s Church.

I hope you enjoy this peek into The People’s Church’s living room gatherings.  If you’d like to experience what its like in person and would like more information check out The People’s Church.  Also, take a look at Planting Atlanta Vision to learn more about Pastor Justin Schaeffer.

Merry Christmas!

Kelley Sue

The Oak Theatre at Samford Studio ~ Avondale Estates

The Oak Theatre at Samford Studio on the campus of First Baptist Church Avondale Estates is bringing the art of story back to life and creating a safe place for students to learn, grow, explore, & develop their skills in the performing arts.  The theater just launched its first season with a theme of truth, specifically truth about Christmas in their first production, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  The theater is a cozy little black box theater that lives upstairs, above the Community Life Center and gym of the original sanctuary of the church.  Director, Sherrie Peterson fulfilled her dream by opening a theatre with a desire to reach out and into the community.  She hoped The Best Christmas Pageant Ever would leave the audience believing the truth about Christmas and that the believing would lead to the doing.  I’m confident she succeeded!

This comical and magical play was based off the book, written by Barbara Robinson.   The Herdman’s literally descend upon the church to hijack the Christmas play.  Sherrie Peterson says she thinks about the three types of people she has encountered as a believer… the skeptic, the cynic and the seeker.  In the story, the Herdman’s end up being seekers but they are unfortunately judged by their socio-economic status, their bad behavior, and their differences.  They are not welcomed at the church, much less warmly invited to the annual Christmas Pageant.  There is chaos, confusion, comedy and tears shed.

Thank you to director, Sherrie Peterson for bringing The Oak Theatre back to life.  Thank you for reopening the doors and creating a safe place for students to learn, grow and explore the performing arts.  May Sherrie’s vision of life imitating art open our eyes to the true meaning of Christmas just as mother, Grace Bradley helped open eyes and hearts when she acted in faith.  In Sherrie’s words, “Let the skeptics and cynics be wrong!”

Merry Christmas,

Kelley Sue

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever from Kelley Sue Hardin on Vimeo.

Grounded Family Yoga at Renfroe Middle School ~ Out & About In the Community

I am honored I was given the opportunity to photograph this amazing family yoga class at Renfroe Middle School. PE teachers, along with Grounded Kids Yoga teachers combined literature, music, art and yoga into a family event. Pretty rad if you ask me! The lesson was inspired by the 2016 On the Same Page book, “The One and Only Ivan” by Katherine Applegate. Little Shop of Stories, in downtown Decatur sponsored the event. You all did an amazing job Grounded teachers! Keep shining bright!

Om Shanti,

Kelley Sue

Holiday Special ~ December 2016

After a move and a major freak out attack because our computer crashed we are officially up and running again.  Thank the Lord!  We are busily editing and wrapping up Christmas orders. I’m loving going through past shoots while I get the new office in tip top shape. In the midst of the chaos I thought I’d let you all know about our holiday special and deadlines for KSP.  Here we go…

Holiday Special ~ $30 for a pack of 25 Custom Made Holiday Greeting Cards (Envelopes Included. Dec 14 Deadline.)

All Holiday and/or Christmas orders must be ordered by no later than Wednesday, December 14.

Go Wildcats!

This team is not only the BEST girls soccer team, but is also coached by the most dedicated and hardworking coaches I know.  These girls had one heck of a season and killed it.  Way to go, girls!  I hope you all have a warm and cozy Christmas.  We’ll see you all in 2017!

F a c e b o o k