Family Yoga ~ Grounded Yoga at Renfroe Middle School ~ Decatur, Ga.

The Voice

There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
“I feel this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.”
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What’s right for you–just listen to
The voice that speaks inside.”

― Shel Silverstein

It is our right to tune into what matters and tune out what doesn’t. These families practice listening to their inner voice in Tree Friends pose at Grounded Yoga’s Step 3 Family Yoga, Literature, Art and Music class.  Thank you to Grounded Yoga founders, Cheryl Crawford and Amy Haysman for asking me to photograph this inspiring family yoga class again.  It was like a Grounded family reunion!  Thank you to the amazing musicians for sharing your gift of music, to Little Shop of Stories, in downtown Decatur for sponsoring the event, and to the teachers for showing up and using your authentic voice.  Thank you to the families, for embracing community, family, and yourself.  Each and every one of you are amazing! Keep shining bright!

For more information on Grounded Yoga trainings, certification, and/or classes visit Grounded Kids Yoga: A Quest for Elevation.

Happy thanksgiving,

Kelley Sue


Senior Portraits ~ Jayce ~ Class of 2018


Meet Jayce!  He is a senior who is well on his way to making a difference in the world.  Jayce volunteers regularly at Fernbank Museum, in Atlanta, Ga.  He will soon be attending Georgia State University Perimeter College, then transferring to the University of Georgia to study Marine Biology.  He loves animals, nature, and people.  I enjoyed photographing Jayce so much because he has such a warm heart and giving nature about him.  His mom, Blair was with us during the shoot and often she would share stories about Jayce from his childhood that many teens would be embarrassed over, but not Jayce.  He laughed and told his mom, “I love you”.  I adore photographing seniors because they are at a place in their lives where they are at a thresh hold of still being a child and also a young adult.  They have a lot to say and what they have to say matters.  Their take on life is refreshing and wondrous.  Jayce’s outlook on life is to live in the present moment.  He is excited about the next adventure life holds… college and more responsibility, but he also embraces the NOW.  I love this about you, Jayce!  Best of luck to you!  Thank you, mom for making us laugh and for sharing stories.  I feel like I was given a peek into your lives and am now a part of your family.

Here’s to the next chapter… Congratulations!

Kelley Sue



Mary Poppins ~ More Players at St Thomas More Catholic Church

I had the honors in photographing the amazing Mary Poppins musical at St Thomas More Catholic Church.  Through annual productions, the More Players at St Thomas More builds community, serves as an outreach, utilizes the God-given talents of all those involved and strives for excellence. The More Players at St Thomas More are dedicated to donating a portion of their proceeds every year to a worthy cause in an effort to help transform the community and our world.  I would say the production was “practically perfect” in every way!

Mary Poppins included a large cast of incredibly talented artists who worked extremely hard to make the show a success.  It was a job well done!  I enjoyed getting to know everyone in the cast, the set crew, everyone backstage, and in costumes, and sales.  Thank you to the talented Patty Guenthner for sharing your gift of directing, Mary Poppins aka Alex Azzarello, who wore many hats in the production (You blow me away!), the impressive Paul Haislmaier for sharing your carpentry skills and for being the best set manager I have very worked with, the magnificent Dwi Hardjono for your many talents, the stunning Myrna Hardjono for the beautiful choreography, the lovely Elise Fredrickson for your contagious smile and enthusiasm, Joy Brennan for being my dear friend and partner in masonry (We did it!), my daughters “family” (She will never forget you!), Dr. Fordyce for making sure everyone got fed, and the entire cast for being an amazing influence on my daughter, and incredibly supportive, patient, and brilliant.  Thank you for shining your bright light in the community.

Keep sparkling!

Kelley Sue

Madeline’s Christmas ~ Horizon Theatre, Atlanta, Ga


It has been a while since I have posted because I am in the midst of updating the website, but this is news I cannot wait to share.  Who is familiar with Ludwig Bemelmans Madeline stories?  How about Madeline’s Christmas?  “In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines lived twelve little girls in two straight lines,” begins the story of Madeline.  In Madeline’s Christmas, the musical is told through the eyes of twelve little girls who have fallen ill to the flu, all except for Madeline.  The girls wonder if they will be able to go home for Christmas.  On Christmas Eve, Madeline receives a gift from an unexpected visitor that leads to an enchanting adventure beyond their wildest dreams.  The story is filled with life lessons of compassion and family values for all.

The arts in Atlanta are near and dear to my heart. Madeline’s Christmas is in the production’s tenth-year at Horizon Theatre, where more than 220 local girls have realized their dream of performing with a professional theatre company as part of the Madeline’s Christmas cast.  This year’s cast of girls are ages 8 to 13, from 5 metro Atlanta counties and 18 different schools.  The good news (drum roll)… My daughter was cast as Juliette in this year’s production of Madeline’s Christmas.  Our family is thrilled for her and ecstatic for all the girls who are working hard to make the production a success.

Madeline’s Christmas, the musical is a holiday treat for the whole family!  To kick off the holiday season Horizon Theatre was in Little Five Points Halloween Parade, which included all twenty-four girls (a double cast) in this years production.  On December 18 the girls will perform at Atlantic Station’s Tree Lighting and on December 2 the production will open its doors.

For more information and for tickets and dates visit Madeline’s Christmas Special deals are available for school groups, Girl Scout Troops, and Boy Scout Troops.  Oh, and my daughter is in the red cast.

Happy Holidays,

Kelley Sue



Fernander Family ~ Happy Anniversary | Atlanta Wedding Photography

Every once in a while a client will contact me from a past shoot. Usually they are wanting to book a new session, but sometimes they are wanting to order additional pictures, wall art, or maybe a surprise for a loved one. No matter what the reason, it is always good to hear from them again.
When it comes to visiting a family I’ve photographed and see our pictures on their walls I am like a child on Christmas morning. I get really excited and have to take pictures.   I get the butterflies and I’m pretty sure it’s God letting me know I’m doing exactly what He wants me to be doing. It’s an amazing feeling.

This 16×20 mounted gem displays beautifully in the Fernander’s home.

Recently, Joe contacted me to order wedding pictures from 5 years ago. Joe and his wife, Emileann got married in Newnan Georgia on a beautiful farm surrounded by friends and family who love and support them. Sounds like an average wedding, right?  It wasn’t.  There was something special about their wedding. At the time I wasn’t able to pin point what it was. Then, over a course of three to four years our family started going to church. We met brothers and sisters who were all at that the Fernander’s wedding. When Joe placed his order and I was given the opportunity to  reminisce through their wedding gallery I got emotional. At the time, when I was photographing I didn’t know any of the guests; only Joe + Emileann. Today, there are at least ten guests at their wedding who are dear friends of our families. Its beautiful and clear to me that God had a plan in action.
Five years ago, yesterday Joe and Emileann asked Wally and I to be their wedding photographers. Today, they celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Emileann and Joe! Thank you for trusting in us to capture your special day. Thank you for being a part of God’s overall plan. Thank you for staying in touch. May today and everyday be filled with miracles, many more chickens, and an abundance of laughter and joy.
With love ~
Kelley Sue


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